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Episode 6: Nicolette Maury CEO of INTUIT

Nicolette Maury is Vice President and Country Manager of Intuit Australia, responsible for leading Intuit's rapidly expanding presence in Australia. Quickbooks surpassed 100,000 customers at the end of Intuit's fiscal 2017. In her role, Nicolette heads a fast-growing sales, marketing and customer care team to deliver dynamic business management solutions to small businesses and their financial advisors, along with world class customer support.

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Episode 5: Lana Hopkins founder of Mon Purse

In 2014, while solving a personal problem Lana founded Mon Purse, built a team and together scaled globally. The vision was to create a global and digital vertical brand where women could customise their very own handbags and fine leather accessories.

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Episode 4: Ben Hutt CEO of Search Party

Ben Hutt is the guy you give something complex and challenging to, so you can ensure that it gets done. Ben sits in the heart of the Australian startup ecosystem advising high performing startup and scale up companies and bringing them together with clients including Qantas, Lion, HCF & Caltex through Slingshot Accelerator programs. The previous 5 years Ben had spent building a globally disruptive recruitment startup from 4 to more than 60 people across 4 continents (Search Party Group), raising significant capital (more than $20m) along the way.

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Episode 3: Chris McCarney co-founder of Tayble

Chris McCarney is the co-founder and COO of Tayble, the first mobile ordering app for casual dining in Sydney. The company, which prides themselves on being the better way to order and pay, has teamed up with local restaurants and cafes to solve a major industry problem. The perpetual waiting game found throughout the restaurant industry. 

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Episode 2: Chris Ridd former Xero managing director

Chris Ridd is a business executive with 29 years experience in the IT industry. After a long career with Microsoft spanning 15 years he was appointed Managing Director for Xero in Australia in December 2010 and led the expansion of Xero's market share in the Australian Marketplace.

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Episode 1: Cedric Fuchs co-founder of Charter Hall

Squareknot CEO Patrick Schilling had the pleasure of chatting with Cedric Fuchs, co-founder of the multibillion dollar listed real estate group Charter Hall. Arriving in Australia with nothing, we learn his powerful story of sheer perseverance, the mental anguish endured and why perfection can be detrimental, rather than beneficial in business.

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